The underlying philosophy of Dolomitech technologycal solutions goes far beyond
the concept of simple aesthetics machineries. They are technological equipments specially
designed by our researchers to convey active ingredients more rapidly under the epidermal
layer so to produce remarkable and visible results from the very first treatment.

Dolomitech MesoceuticalLab

It is a sophisticated electroporator that thanks to the mesotherapy principle (application of specific
short pulses acting in the intercellular spaces directly carrying a “cocktail” of active ingredients
in the treated portions of face and/or body) ensures long lasting and visible results from the very
first session. This device provides 18 different treatments ranging from the permanent face
and body hair removal up to the lifting effect, the anti-wrinkles treatment with hyaluronic acid,
the classic anti-cellulitis treatment and the localized fat.

Dolomitech Palmares

The younger brother of Dolomitech MesoceuticalLab enable us to convey the active ingredients
cocktail of our products in depth, but thanks to its lightness and versatility is particularly suitable
for short facial treatments or for specific skin treatments.

Dolomitech exudation line

It’s a sensational product and process innovation to lose weight quickly and absolutely healthy.
This is a sophisticated blend of essential oils, botanical extracts and carnitine, which under the effect
of temperature increase induced by a three-zone thermo sauna, brings the body to an extraordinary
transpiration (sweating) to adjust and control the internal temperature, leading to a strong acceleration
lipid metabolism and the removal of metabolic waste. The exudative mixture blocks sweating forcing
the body to burn fat overload to find the energy needed to come through the barrier produced
by our blend. It guarantees weight loss by 10-15 kg in 1.5 months.

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