Moisturizing face and body line

With their delicate and natural scent, our creams show a smooth
texture and immediate skin absorption. To make each treatment
more effective, we recommend to apply our specific skin serum,
which will synergically act granting a really deep moisturizing action.

Antiaging face and eye-contour line

To drastically slow down the signs of aging Dolomitika offers
a high performing line that optimizes lifting and antioxidant
principles like vitamins and retinol.

Face cleaning line

Thanks to herbal soap making extracts our Dolomitika product
line for facial cleansing represents the very best on the market
today for skin care. In addition to the fresh and fragrant cleansing
milk and to the sensitive skin tonic, our line also includes
a specific gel cleanser that removes makeup and cleans the skin:
using one product instead of two.

Face line Expression wrinkles

The mio relax face line stimulates the natural production of elastine, collagene
and cosaminoglicanes. It cures and prevents expression wrinkles thanks
to the extreme effectiveness of active ingredients and to the synergic action of cremes
and serums. This line grants concrete results already from the very first application.

Nourishing face and body line

Studied and developed for dry and stressed skins. this nourishing cream line
for face and body stimulates the skin oxygenation and the cell turn over.
It gives the skin lynph and elasticity. It is particularly indicated in the autumn
and winter months, when skin is stressed by strong climatic changes
and by cold temperatures.

Face and lip masks

Dolomitika offers a complete mask and treatment line to cure especially
face skin and its problems. We are proud to present our lip mask. It is studied
to fully protect and nourish the delicate lip mucous and at the same time
it allows to define its natural volume.

Body line cellulite and localized adipose tissue

Dolomitika presents a new explosive bodyline against the main problems
caused by cellulite and localized adipose tissue. Thanks to special
creames and serums expecially studied for each skin problem, this line has
a foundamental action to restore the body profile.

Peeling and legs gel

Created for the health and welness of body skin. Freeze leg gel
gives a wonderful lightness sensation to tired and swollen legs,
Cheratolitic gel prevents fom ingrown hair and folliculitis,
Body scrub contains glycolic acid, betters the cellular turn-over,
elimiates dead cells and helps elastine and collagen synthesis.

Manicure and pedicure line

Dolomitika hand and foot creams are beloved for their delicate fragrances
and special properties. Hand cream smoothes the skin, cicatrizes little wounds
and calms skin redness. it creates a barrier against the external agents. Foot
cream regulates foot sweat, acts effectively against bacteria, is highly refreshing,
smoothing and takes tiredness away.

Sensitive face and skin line

Sensitive skin line creams and serums were developed to contrast
skin redness, to drasticly reduce skin reactivity and to restore its natural
physiological balance. They help the microvascular permeability,
decongest and calm the sensitive areas.

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