Elegance from the nature

Dolomitika’s philosophy roots in eternal values such as nature, elegance, technique and innovation. Born as a result of wide market researches, this represents a completely new cosmeceutical line from the dolomites in northern italy. It is simply typical and fully natural. Our continuous engagement in research and devlopment to find out effective solutions for beauticians is what make us really different from all the other in the “beauty” sector.

Enveloping textures, pleasant fragrances, sophisticated packagings let us feel the unique elegance and exclusive character of dolomitika beauty treatments. Immediate results (benefits) and naturalness are the foundamental principles of our philosophy reflecting the power of pure nature and the strong influence of the wonderful dolomite landscapes.

Dolomitika products contain a high percentage of active ingredients in some cases up to 100%. That is why it is possible to reach immediate visible results from the very first treatment on different skin types.